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About Sea-Crop® 
Benefits of using Sea-Crop

Seawater contains 89 elements plus many compound minerals. It has been estimated that seawater contains over 50,000 different organic substances in the form of fulvic acid. 

The rivers of the world dump billions of tons of minerals into the oceans each year and have for eons. Seafloor springs and volcanic eruptions have also added billions of tons of elements. Additionally seawater is a soup of active organic substances. 

  1. Increases cellular respiration
  2. Makes plants more phototropic.
  3. Increases photosynthesis.
  4. Increases carbohydrate content of sap by Brix refractometer testing.
  5. Increases soil microflora
  6.  Nitrogen fixing and other bacteria.
  7. Improves soil tilth and aeration.
  8. Makes plants healthier, and resistant to problems.
  9. Makes plants more drought tolerant.
  10. Makes plants more transplant tolerant.
  11. Fruit become larger and much better tasting.
  12. Keeping quality is enhanced.
  13. Mineral and vitamin content is increased.
  14. The growing cycle is shortened by weeks.
  15. Crop yields are increased 15% to 35%
  16. Application is easy and inexpensive.
  17. Product is organic.
  18. Nontoxic.

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