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Why Sea-Crop® 
Reduce chance of disease & insects while increasing yields.

Each planting season you roll the dice and pray that the promise held in the seed that one plants in the ground can withstand the extremes of drought, flood, wind, hail, chill and heat so that come harvest time there is sufficient yield to sustain until the following planting season.

 Organic System Plans that manage soil conditions to stimulate soil microorganisms are able to achieve:

  • Improved root growth by 20% to 30%
  • Improved nutrient uptake
  • Improved nutrient density, flavor & keeping quality
  • Reduced drought stress
  • Increased photosynthesis
  • Higher Brix
  • Increased Mychorrhizae
  • Improved soil tilth 
What we offer
What is Sea-Crop® 

  Sea-Crop® is composed of organic matter and minerals derived from a pristine area of the ocean. Unlike other sea salts, Sea-Crop® has never been dried or subjected to heat. Drying or heating can destroy organic compounds.  

 Sea-Crop® is carefully collected and processed in a manner that preserves the natural organic matter of the ocean. Sea-Crop® is intended to be used as part of an Organic System Plan where the goal is to produce healthy crops that are naturally disease and pest resistant because of good nitrogen utilization and complete protein syntheses.


What Are Soil Microflora?
Microflora or microbiota refers to the smallest soil organisms, including fungi and algae. The beneficial fungi and bacteria that are native and adapted to your soil are stimulated to grow and reproduce abundantly, rapidly giving all of the well documented benefits of microflora symbiosis. 

Benefits include:
Improved nutrient and water uptake
Improved root growth
Improved plant growth and yield
Reduced transplant shock
Reduced drought stress

Plus Greatly Improved Flavor!
Microflora also improve soil structure by producing humic compounds and organic "glues" (extracellular polysaccharides) that bind soils into aggregates and improve soil porosity. Soil porosity and soil structure positively influence the growth of plants by promoting aeration, water movement into soil, root growth and distribution.

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