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  “For the last four years Sunset Valley Organics has been using Sea-Crop® on our organic berry crops. Not only is our farm certified organic but it is also managed biologically. What I have discovered is that not only is Sea-Crop® a great nutrition source for the plant but also for the microbes in the soil. The end result is that with the help of Sea-Crop® and other mineral sources our crops are very nutrient dense without insects or disease. Sea-Crop® is and will continue to be a major tool in my biological toolbox.” 

Bob Wilt, Wilt Farms
Corvallis, Oregon 

 “I have been growing Yellow Finnish Potatoes for over thirty years. After several years of disappointing production I noticed my plants were dying prematurely around the first part of August every year resulting in low tonnage and small potatoes. I decided to use Sea-Crop® along with my normal fertilizer program. I sprayed Sea-Crop® in the furrow at 1/2 gallon per acre when planting and then sprayed a foliar feed when plants were around a foot tall. I then irrigated a third application at bloom. What was most obvious was how lush and vigorous the plants maintained throughout the growing season. Upon harvesting, the overall size and uniformity of the potatoes was exceptional. I also saw an increase in tonnage of twenty five percent. I’m a firm believer that this product improved my potato crop and it will be a regular part of my farming practices.” 

Kurt Lubbe, Lubbe Farms
Montesano, Washington 

“For the last three years we have been using Sea-Crop® in our nutrition program on our apples and cherries. We were able to grow a new planting of Gala apple trees to the 10-foot wire in the 2nd leaf....and harvest 16 bin/acre... without applying any commercial N.

The tree structure is large enough in the 3rd leaf to produce 50 bin/acre. Sea-Crop® enhances plant health because you are applying 89 elemental minerals with each application, not just four or five. As our nutrient programs have become more balanced, disease and insects have become minor issues. We will continue to use Sea-Crop® as a part of our balanced nutrition program. Sea-Crop® has a very positive effect on soil microbial life as well.”

Dwayne Bowman, Sonrise Orchards
Zillah, Washington 

“In the nine years that I have used Sea-Crop® on my own and clients’ crops, grasslands and livestock, I have always seen powerful yield, quality and health responses. Like any land manager, I do nothing in isolation — I am always operating in the context of soil life, plants, grazing animals, financial restraints and opportunities and the needs of people I work with. Sea-Crop® consistently strengthen this whole web, from the plants and soil on up. The support and insight Ambrosia Technology has provided me along the way has always been rapid and deep. I couldn’t ask for a better product or better service, and I consider Sea-Crop® to be an irreplaceable input for my work in growing topsoil, healthy livestock and producer success.” 

Abe Collins, Collins Grazing, LLC, Saint Albans, Vermont 
Healthy cattle on Abe Collins’ Sea-Crop® treated improved pasture. 

“I first tried Sea-Crop® in 2013 on a collard seed field.  I applied 2 gallons of Sea-Crop® with 40 gallons of water.  I made 2 applications three weeks apart in the spring time.  In late July I harvested the field.  The average yield has been 1200 pounds per acre. I got paid on 1800 pounds per acre.  That was a 50% increase which really caught my attention.  In 2014 I did the same treatments on a field of sugar beets.  Sea-Crop® performed very well, 3 tons per acre increase and better sugar content.  The same treatment was done on Red Clover seed and gave an 18% increase in yield on the treated versus untreated.  Arthur Zeigler has created a wonderful product for all farmers to use. Sea-Crop® is amazing.” 

Greg Payne, GSP Farms, Caldwell, Idaho 
Exceptionally tall Sea-Crop® treated seed collards. 

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